Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Packed And ready To Go

Spent last night packing up my stuff and loading the Jeep. I'll drop it off Wednesday morning, and they'll lift it on to the ship for me.

All our gear is stowed and ready for transit.

The helicopters arrived last night, and the pilots and mechanic are getting settled in after a few IT issues I helped them out with.

One of the pilots just returned from another tour as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, and it sounds like he'll have some more good stories to tell.

And my dear wife has been baking up a storm since Sunday afternoon. I got home last night and was greeted by the lovely aroma of......CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!

Yep, she's making me up a care package to take with me, but I doubt it will survive more than a few days. Seems like anytime somebody opens up a package of home made stuff, people come out of the woodwork in the office, and it just evaporates.

Last launch one of the guys brought three pans of home made fudge his wife put togther for him to take.

I think it lasted 4 days!

Probably blow out of here early to get the last of my running around errands done.

We're scheduled to push from the pier about 0930, which means we'll clear Queen's Gate about 1015 or so.

Then a life boat drill, lunch, and a quick nap in my cabin. I don't get seasick like some people do, but I've found if I have a light lunch, and take a nap, I'm good to go at 100% the next day. I didn't do that last time, and it took me a day or two to get my sea legs!


  1. Sounds like you're ready; may the wind always be at your back, sir.

  2. Have a safe and uneventful trip!

  3. HAH!

    Unless we had to make an emergency side trip to Kiritmati, I wouldn't have any place to drive it!


  4. Be safe Jim and thanks for all the help with the ham radio project here.

    1. Your package is on it's way via FedEx.

      I'd give you the tracking number, but I left the slip of paper at home on my desk!


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