Saturday, November 24, 2012

Light Posting Due To Busyness least they served us a very nice Thanksgiving dinner.

The turkey was moist, the potatoes were smooth, the gravy was great, and the stuffing was excellent.

I'm told one of the Admin Assistants back in Home Port sent the Chief Catering Officer onboard several recipes, along with strict orders to NOT deviate from them!

While most of the time the food is pretty good here, there are times when the Norwegian cooking staff will make some "modifications" to standard American food with some pretty bizarre results.

A raw egg on a hamburger?

Pickles on Pizza???

Corn on Pizza????


And our customer has been playing games with the scheduling of their test events that my group supports.

They won't begin their RF testing until MIDNIGHT the day before launch, finishing up at 0200!

And we have to be back on-console at 0600 to start the countdown for a launch at 1245.

They don't seem to realize or understand that if they slip even an hour, or God forbid TWO hours, we'll most likely have to scrub the launch for that day, as we have pretty strict requirements for crew rest.

Given their track record (the day we worked 18 hours), I'm not holding out much hope for this launch to go off on time.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. I had to work today, but Sunday will be a day of rest and contemplation.


  1. Oh yeah... Food 'changes' DO get interesting... At least the pizza didn't have green peas and sliced egg (saw that in Iceland)... And crew rest IS required for safety and actually being able to pay attention... sigh

  2. The screwy thing is that they're not using the command/telemetry links that I run for anything other than an aliveness test!

    All their command/telemetry is either going over the microwave "Marine Line Of Sight" system, or the high-power WiFi system we have, and both of those are fed from a physical cable connection to the spacecraft.

    You'd think they'd actually want to use the command and telemetry RF links that they'll be using in orbit vs a hardline.

    Oh, well....they're French....what can I say.....

  3. Well maybe it depends on the taste of people. People's taste varies you know. But I do really love pizza but of course not the weird ones.


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