Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rockin' And Rollin' and Happy Thanksgiving!

We pushed right on time at 1000, and then sat outside the breakwater for about FOUR HOURS while they calibrated some of the nave gear to play nice with the Dynamic Positioning System.

They were having some "issues" (GAWD I hate that term!) with the system, but got everything figured out, and we're on our way.

We went past Catalina Island around 1800, and we're hitting the long duration swells from the storm system that hammer the North West a few days ago.

The weather guy says 4 meter seas will be coming our way tonight, so that means tie everything down before we hit the hay.

These are slow rollers, so it's not like we're getting slammed going through a big storm, but even on this ship (~660 feet long, 107 foot beam) we get bounced around quite a bit.

Time to watch a movie, and go to bed early.....things I always do the first day out, along with eating a LIGHT lunch, and a LIGHT dinner.

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I loved sleeping when the big, slow rollers came along. Rocked me to sleep, it did...

  2. Yeah, good plan! hopefully they are NOT quartering seas... :-)

  3. Yeah, pretty much just a side-to-side roll with no pitching motion.

    Back in 2005 we tried to skirt around a big Pacific storm and didn't quite make it.

    We were picking up stuff all day the next morning!


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