Saturday, November 10, 2012

Expedient Antennas For SHTF Radio

The article I've been writing for, oh 18 months now, is just about finished.

I decided to rewrite it after comparing it to the more generalized "SHTF Radio Basics" post I did last week.

I'll try and get it posted here this week, if all goes smoothly at work.

We finished testing the latest satellite, it's now in the fairing ("Nose Cone"), and going to be rolled over to the ship on Sunday. Some more testing follows, then a transfer to the launch platform, then even more testing, and finally departure.

As of today, we're scheduled to leave on the 21st of November.

That's right.....the day BEFORE Thanksgiving.

And no, we won't be getting anything 'extra' for being gone over the holiday. Our new masters are "generous" enough to graciously allow us to take two days off with pay after we get back.

Hopefully we won't be required to work during the Christmas break, with the promise of more "deferred" holidays.

We have one more launch on the books for late February, and then..........nothing.

Nothing at all, and as far as they tell us, nothing on the horizon for 2013, or 2014.

Rumors are flying about the fate of the company, including a couple of verrrry interesting ones regarding relocation to SEA.

I hear Cam Rahn Bay is lovely this time of year.......


  1. Yep, it sure is.
    I suppose I'm lucky to have a job, though. Things are tough right now, and going to get a lot worse in the next couple of years.


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