Monday, April 19, 2010

Very Bad News From A Close Friend

My best buddy from my college days just emailed me. His youngest brother had gone back to Chicago to visit with his daughter and another of the brothers. Saturday night they went out to dinner and had a great time.
On his way back to his hotel room, he was robbed at gunpoint, and then shot in the stomach even though he fully complied with the robber.
The bullet passed through his colon and is lodged in his hip. He's in the ICU, where they're keeping him heavily sedated so he doesn't move around much and damage the repair job they did.
So much for Chicago gun laws, and "Give them what they want" keeping the citizens safe, eh?
We've all read and heard stories like this, but this is the first time it's hit this close to me.


  1. I willsay a prayer for him.

  2. Praying for him as well as the whole U.S.

  3. Prayers for his complete recovery sent.

  4. I too will say a prayer for your friend and his family.

  5. Thanks, everybody.
    He's doing better, but wanted to get out of bed and move around yesterday, so they zoned him out again for his own good. I've known my buddy's brother since about 1980. He went through a really bad patch with booze and dope, but straightened himself out around 1998. He's been holding a good job and enjoying his clean and sober life, and we were all very proud of him for getting his act together. I'm supposed to get a copy of the police report when the family gets it, and it will be interesting to see what's in it.

  6. Glad to hear you buddy is doing better. Bet it was an ex-felon who shot him. Police there will probably say he was in the wrong part of town at the wrong time. Big cities are a breeding ground for this. Need to send the military in to clean them out! I'm not joking. Streets I use to walk in Jackson, MS as a youth are no longer safe after dark in the shadow of the state capital building.


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