Monday, April 12, 2010

New Toy....Marlin 336W-W/S

My most recent acquisition is a scoped Marlin 336 in 30-30, but since I haven't taken her out to the range, I can't report on how well she shoots. Seems to be made very nicely, though, and the walnut stock is one of the nicest pieces of wood I've seen in a long time. I've had furniture that wasn't made as nice! The action is smooth and solid, and it goes to shoulder naturally. I did a complete disassembly and cleaning when I got it, and it seems to be made better than my Marlin 1894CB. I had to stone off a bunch of rough spots on that one, and work the action a whole bunch with some "Gun Slick" to make it nice and smooth. The 336 needed just a good cleaning and lube, although I'm sure it will smooth up even more with some use.
The only decent ranges around here (that *I* know of) are a good hour's drive. So, after the YF gets back from her vacation, we'll be packing up the 336, a big box of ammo, the spotting scope, some targets, a nice picnic lunch and beverages, and heading out to site it in, and see how it handles. The pistol range I go to has some brochures for a place that has hunting weekends not too terribly far from here, and I'm considering going hunting for either a deer, or maybe take one of their "Wild Boar Weekends".
I know a 30-30 is fine for deer, but I'll have to see about using one on wild boar.
Oh, and I'll be taking her S&W TRR8 in 357 mag for my 'backup' gun. Just have to find a holster that fits that bad boy, and get a couple of more speed loaders for it.


  1. My son just got his 17HMR, so I think I'll ask him if he'd like to go to the rifle range with me.....

  2. NICE!!! Re boar- something in 30-06... just sayin... I hit an old razorback dead between the eyes with a 30-30 from my 94 and all I did was piss him off...

  3. Yeah....I'll talk to some more people before I decide I need something in 30-06 or 308 Win.
    Need it? Hell...who am I trying to kid here.....I'd LOVE to have something in a bigger caliber!

  4. Many years ago I had several 30-30 but never did hunt with them. I do have a Thompson 30-30 pistol now with a Puma 1.5 on it. Have killed several deer with it. I also have a 5mm barrel for it. Don't hunt much anymore, but do enjoy shooting when I can get out to the farm. Nice looking gun! And as for hog hunting, in my younger days I use to go with by bow, buts thats when I was able to climb a tree fast. Had a great uncle who was killed by a wild boar many years ago---ripped his leg open and he bled to death.


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