Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miami Vice

"Miami Vice" is one of my favorite TV programs. It was really ahead of its time, and set new standards for TV production with its innovative blending of video action and popular music.
I've been wanting to buy the complete boxed set for sometime now since I saw it at Best Buy, but the $150 price put me off a bit. Well, by carefully shopping around, I found the complete set, new in the shrink-wrap, for $55, plus $4 for shipping. Since I have a lot of 'couch time' these days (well, not really, but some people *think* I do), I opened the set and started watching.
The second disk of Season One has an episode called "Calderone's Return, Part II" with an opening sequence that just blew me away. In case you don't remember who Calderone is, he's "The Columbian" who was responsible for the death of Tubbs' older brother back in New York, and is the major player in the drug trade in Southern Florida. They track him down in the Bahamas, and Sonny and Rico take off in Sonny's Cris Craft Stinger 390X to do a little surveillance on him, and maybe get him extradited back to the US. This also the episode where their Captain, Lou Rodriguez (played by Gregory Sierra) dies, to be replaced by Marty Castillo (Edward James Olmos) in the next episode.
Enjoy the opening sequence, it's masterfully done!
The complete, uncut-for-editing song from Russ Ballard is available here.


  1. Oh man... that brings back some memories... Chasing those things off Florida back in the 70s and 80s, playing games with the motherships... Kickin butt and takin names :-)

  2. My memories are a far more pedestrian - but somewhere I do have that album.

  3. Yep, it sure does bring back memories of my youth, sitting infront of the TV watching that show. Thanks for sharing.


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