Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Geez....AWOL again, Jim?

 Yeah, been another week lurking in the basement slaving away over some "Hot Tinkers". Can't show you pix as it was a paying customer with a God-Knows-How-Old-It-Is sick Fender Twin Reverb (A blackface, no less!), and he wanted it yesterday. As in BIG $$$, Have The Parts Shipped Overnight, yesterday.

 Made me an offer I couldn't refuse for my labor. I've worked on quite a few of these, and the whole key is understanding their lineage. This one dates to the late 1960's, and while well used, it was in Very Good condition.

This will help with the Christmas gifts I purchased over the last couple of months.

As promised, we had an episode of "Baking With Grandma!" take place over last weekend. This was the "Don't bother us, we're doing the second batch!" scene:

And I'm busy doing several things.

1)Finishing up those speakers that got delivered during The Week Of The Femur Fracture. Should have them in use by Christmas Day, God willin' and the paint dries hard!

2) The aforementioned Fender Amp repair.

3)Misc things involving the recommissioning a Windows 7 PC, and getting my instruments on the HPIB. Anybody know HP/Agilent/Keysight VEE? Any LabVIEW users? I really want to get my HP-8903B Audio Analyzer automated so I can do swept measurements automagically, and plot them.

4) And I'm doing my "second batch" of Nakamichi BX-300. Since I can find no evidence of the cover ever being removed, this is quite likely the first time anybody's ever been in the unit. I took a lot of detailed photos of mundane things like how the cables are run, how many, and where, are all the cable ties, and other stuff of interest.

Here it is with the transport out. These are much easier to work on than that Pioneer I got burned on. I think it's built better, too.

This will have all new belts, a new idler assembly, and a set of "Athan" pinch rollers when it's finished. This one is a much later SERNO than the one I just shipped out, so it should sound really good when finished.

Oh, I'm building a 1:12 scale model of a 1982 Supra. I have all the various kits of Supras that I was able to find, and I picked the simplest kit to start with. Simple interior, no engine, and the white plastic the body is molded from is very close to the white my 1:1 scale is painted. The interior was molded in black, so I painted it with SEM "Shadow Blue", which is an exact match for the real interior out in the garage.


  1. Ha. I have the same stand mixer. It's a beast, will handle the thickest and stickiest doughs out there.

    Glad you are still there and doing well. Sounds like you're having fun.

    1. Thanks, Beans! Just haven't felt like posting much. At this point, I'd rather just do things.

  2. The ATE I worked on was all programmed in the ATLAS test language. I was also involved in programming (in Pascal) some of the custom instrumentation in the test station. I supervised the group efforts but did get a little hands-on from time to time.

    Keep us up on the automated test progress. It is very interesting.

    1. The issues I'm with VEE is that it finds the GPIB-USB interface, and detects there's some kind of instrument connected, but when I try to access the instrument, it squawks the instrument is not supported.

      Getting things to run correctly on Windows 7 can be frustrating!

  3. May need to hire you to teach me how to use my MP3 player. I even read the instructions to no avail.

    1. Hah! Bring it by on Christmas and I'll wave my hands over it.

  4. Busy is good, and PAYING busy is even better! :-)

    1. Yes it is! It was a-friend-of-a-friend, and I might get some other things from him.


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