Monday, December 25, 2023

Failed to Publish. Try Again Later... Say, What?

 Huhhhhh....Can't reply to comments in my previous post. It just belches out the reply in the title.

Wonder if I can make a new post? Good Gravy, it's freakin' WINDY tonight. The weather station is reporting pretty steady ~20MPH winds, with gusts to ~35MPH. Sorry guys, can't do it in knots. The weather station only gives me MPH and KPH, although with a bit of code editing, I could add that feature pretty easily to the software used to get it on the network. Gotta love Open Source.

Here we go....bonna pull the pin and lob this with the "Publish" button.


  1. It worked.

    I've had similar errors commenting on several blogger based blogs if I had the enhanced protection on in my browser. It seems to be a cookie related thing. At the least it requires you to allow third party cookies.

  2. I've had my blog refuse to allow me to comment to it. Reasons unknown. Sometimes I do the universal software fix - quit the browser and open it again. Sometimes it works.

    I just have so much faith in software that I'm 100% positive software will destroy all of mankind. Not AI in specific, just some form of SW.

    Probably from some coder making a stupid mistake.

    1. Like leaving the semicolon off the end of a line of code in C. Remember, that took down one of the phone companies 10 or 20 years ago?

    2. I remember a missing comma in a line of code caused one of the early Ranger missions to the Moon to go boom.


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