Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Uh-Oh.....This Might Not Buff Out....

 Since I'm waiting for some parts to get here to (hopefully!) fix the IM Analyzer, I decided to do a quick check on the THD Analyzer. All the capacitors in the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) Analyzer have suitable working voltages, I have those values in stock, and they all passed the "Eyeball OK" check, I'll go with them for now.

First thing I noticed is that one of the rack handles for it is bent.

I checked the eBay listing photos again, and the handle is straight, so it must have happened in shipping. I unpacked this in the garage, and set it aside as I was busy with other stuff, so this one's on me. I thought they were cast Aluminum, but it weighs more than Aluminum would, so I guess it's a Zinc alloy, like "pot metal" or Zamak. I think if I heat it up with my big heat gun, and carefully apply pressure, I can bend it back.

The big surprise was when I pulled the covers off, and found the chassis is bent, too.

So I pulled the power transformer and the circuit boards, and see how well I can get this bent back.

 And it's another filthy unit, having been stored God knows where and for how long.

When I saw the bent chassis, I almost consigned this to the scrapyard, but since they don't come along very often, I'll try and bring it back with minimal expense, maximum elbow grease, while keeping an eye out for a replacement, like an old HP 333A analyzer:


The Heathkit is a clone of the HP, but much better built. I'd gladly take the HP over the Heath, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. Maybe I should just bite the bullet, and start looking for one.....


  1. Not that Damsel and I have a money tree, but we tend to go with the better stuff when there is a choice. When we get a dud, we recycle it and go for the better unit.

    That photo of the HP sure looks good. Hope you find one that clean.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Well, I was feeling better, but today I started coughing again. At least I slept well last night.

      Still deciding what to do about the THD Analyzer....

  2. Replies
    1. The only bright side is I only paid about $75, with shipping, for the Heathkit.

  3. I have had problems from shipping incidents, even with well-packed merchandise.

    I don't think anything HP in test equipment can be beat if it works. The calibration of it might be more challenging than the Heathkit, though.

    1. Agreed! I prefer HP, with Textronix for oscilloscopes, and Fluke for meters, just like in The Olde Days.

      I have a rotor and controller sitting on the bench in the garage, but it got back-burnered a bit. I'll try and get to it this week...

  4. I'd agree, damaged in shipping... sigh... And that does happen! Looking at the bend in the chassis, it's on the same side as the bent handle.

    1. Yeah, it definitely got clobbered somewhere along the line.


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