Monday, November 1, 2021

Four Years Ago Today.....

 We started moving in to this house, and turning it into our home. Had some ups and down, and dropped about $40k in here the first year, but they were Deferred Maintenance items the people we bought the house from had let go, and we knew it going in.

Went through a bit of "City-To-Country Culture Shock", even though we're not that rural, but all-in-all it's the best thing we've done.

My son moved here in August, and his stress level has dropped about 90%. He was in the retail food business, and some of the stores he was assigned to were populated by the Elite, and the others by the Entitled. They were both "Bad Customers", far too important to busy themselves like understanding that when the shelves are empty, it means we have NO STOCK available to put on them. No ma'am, we don't "have any in the back". I'm sorry, ma'am, but the trucks that bring our stock didn't come today. No, ma'am, I don't know why the truck didn't come today, and on, and on, and on.

The Entitled would either harangue him about the prices, or just outright steal things. He said their griping about the prices was really pretty stupid, as they were "buying" their items with EBT cards, and it was coming out of HIS pocket, not theirs.

Halloween was a blast, and we had at least twice as many kids as we've ever had. SLW said it was probably the lights and displays we had up for the last several days that attracted them.

TLG got to go Trick or Treating dressed as the Grim Reaper, and his Daddy wore a hockey mask and hoodie. My son went dressed as a penguin, and SLW was dressed as some kind of witch.

I dressed as The Mad Scientist, complete with flashing, buzzing lights, and my Sonic Screwdriver.

We ran out of candy just as it started to rain about 8 PM, and that ended it for the night.

It was very enjoyable to see all the costumes, especially the ones the parents were wearing.

And not ONE face diaper in evidence!


  1. No goblins around our building but walking the dog saw several in the neighborhood. Kept Banner far away from candy and kids - he loves both and an eager 80lbs can be scary.

    1. Pebbles was pretty good. We sent her upstairs, and then closed the baby/doggie gate, and she was quiet.

  2. This is a great read, drjim. So happy for you all.
    Be safe and God bless. ♥

  3. Yes, what they said. All in all, a highly satisfactory outcome. We're happy for you. :)

  4. I recall speaking with you at the time of your CALEXIT - as I was preparing to do the same thing. Though I went insanely off the grid rural, the concept was the same. I'm glad that you are HAPPY and that your son is HAPPY. You don't realize the stress and the impact that it has on you until you're gone.

    1. I think the last time we got together was the day you came by to get that YUGE Pelican case I had. I could live where you do, but SLW would be very unhappy. She's much more of a city gal, but she definitely likes living here.
      Having two grandchildren just 15 minutes away helps, too!

  5. Glad to hear everyone is doing better! And Yay for no face diapers!

    1. Thank you, sir. Even though Emperor Polis has decreed we're all to wear masks again, it seems to be largely ignored.


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