Thursday, November 18, 2021

ACK! Busy Week.....

 Besides attempting to work on the Pioneer this week, SLW decided to skip Thanksgiving, and go right into Christmas mode.

Which meant getting out the tree, and dressing it.

Except one whole string of lights didn't work. You know where this is going.....

She bought this preassembled, already wired, artificial tree for $10 from a yard sale when we first moved here, and the lighting on it has seen better days. Long story short, we wound up taking the tree "down to the frame", and installing two, new strands of lighting.

Spent several hours diagnosing the bad strands last night, pulled all 200 bulbs and tested them, sorted the dead ones out, and she was off this morning to get 200 replacement bulbs, enough for both strands and some spares.

NOBODY had replacement bulbs in stock, so she brought back two new strands.

We then spent all day spent all day getting our Christmas decorations up, and trimming the tree.

With TLG running around "helping" us. Kid's got more energy than two tornadoes and a hurricane! the Zero Point Voltage and the Idling Current adjusted on the Pioneer SX-980, and did the alignment on the AM and FM tuner sections. I still have to align the FM Multiplex (Stereo) section, which has me reading the manual for my HP signal generator, which might be able to do the Pilot Carrier and SCA Carriers. Otherwise I'll have to put the receiver on hold, and do a quick run-through of my Heathkit IG-37 FM Stereo Signal Generator. I picked it up some time ago from an estate seller I bought some other Heathkit test gear from, but just put it on the shelf.

Hope y'all have a great coming weekend!


  1. Happy Before Thanksgiving Weekend! We bought a bunch of Christmas stuff this week but are still in turkey mode until black Friday.

    1. Same to you and Damsel, Bob!

      We had some Halloween stuff to take down, but since we're going to the in-laws for Thanksgiving, SLW decided to skip the T-Day decorations go full-on into Christmas.

  2. Back in the day, the family rule was Old School Catholic. Tree up on Christmas Eve, taken down 13 days later.

    Now we wait at least till after Turkey Day.

    That dedication to take apart a tree and rebuild it? Yikes.

    1. I think Dad put it up a week or so before Christmas, and took it down a week or so afterwards.

      It was harder to get the old lights off because they were clipped on to the branches with these nasty little "one way" clips that were a PITA to get off. The tree has three sections, so we just put the sections into the stand as we restrung the new lights.

  3. The little one will wear one out... sigh


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