Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Radio Control Car Guys Help Local Hospitals

One of the forums I'm a member of is the Arrma Forum for the Arrma brand of radio-controlled models. This is one of the BEST Internet Forums I've stumbled across, and I'm happy to be a member. Rather than in-fighting about who's little toy car is "best", "fastest" or "coolest", like several other radio-control forums I've visited, these guys help each other with tips, knowledge, and humor. "Dumb Newbie Questions" are promptly answered correctly, without prejudice, and the newcomer is welcomed. It's a great forum, and I've learned tons there, along with helping a bit by answering some electronics questions.

Besides all the tech advice, some of the forum members are quite creative at 3D printing. So much so that I've downloaded the required 3D design software so I can start learning about designing stuff again. I've had courses in AutoCad, and in high-school and college I took numerous "Drafting", "Mechanical Drawing", and several other "Graphics" courses. It helped me a LOT in my career, as I could crank out a properly dimensioned drawing, sketch, or schematic diagram in short order to get parts made, or for reference in the future.

These guys go far beyond that, and have started making "Ear Savers" for the hospital masks that health care workers are stuck wearing these days.

 Rather than having the elastic cord rub your ears all day, just use one of these:

How many you can print depends on how big the bed of your printer is, but one guy was printing nine at a time with his printer.

The stl file can be had here if you have a printer.

Pretty clever work from a bunch of "hobbyists", and they're giving them away by the dozen.

Well done, guys!


  1. I'm sure the recipients are grateful.

    1. One of the guys printing them said the staff was stunned at how well the worked, and how garcious he was to provide them.

  2. Replies
    1. So far just the guys on that one forum have made and donated several hundred of those just this week!

  3. Could this and other similar grass-roots projects become the start of a more formal dispersed manufacturing model. Company desires to sell a product, does the initial studies and prototypes, then farms out the production to cottage industry subs. Use Amazon for delivery directly by subs. Provides ability to ramp production quickly. Small items only and potential QA issues, but might have a niche market.

    1. Use fast food franchise model to pay prime company.

    2. There are "Print-On-Demand" places for 3D printing, just like for calendars, t-shirts, and posters. You send them the stl file, and they send you the part.

      There are several places that do this for printed circuit boards, too. I've ordered dozens of boards from PCBExpress. Just send them the files, and they fabricate the boards.

      I was considering getting a 3D printer until I checked the prices. I can't justify spending that much money on something I'll only use a half-dozen times a year.

      If I'm gonna cough up that much coin, I'll get myself a new Amateur Radio transceiver.

  4. Awesome! Sounds like you found a great group, congrats.


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