Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quick "Recon Run" Into Town

Well, it was actually a trip to the local Target/CVS to pick up some meds, but "Recon Run" just sounded so much more.....exciting!

Traffic was extremely light, as to be expected, and the Target was a ghost town. All the checkout lanes, and the Pharmacy pick-up lane, had "Social Distancing" stickers 6' apart on the floor tile, and the self check-out lanes had a little signpost telling you to stay out of the area until called. As soon as you were done using the keypad at the kiosk, a Target employee swooped in and wiped it all down. I was In-N-Out in about 15 minutes, almost a new record for me.

The one thing the struck me on this short trip was how many businesses are shuttered. Chipper's Lanes was completely empty, and normally at 1400 there'd be a bunch of cars in the lot. Several restaurants which had opened in the last few months are closed, most with signs listing their carry-out hours, if they offered it.

A few places had signs proclaiming they were still open, and to come on in.

Most of the gas stations I passed had NO cars at the pump, and maybe a person or two (that I could see) in their convenience stores.

The kids report that my favorite little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Laporte, Vern's Place, is carry-out only, as are all the other restaurants in their town.

So even out here in my part of "Flyover Country" things are pretty much closed down. Many relief funds are set up with either PayPal or GoFundMe asking for help for local groups, and I hear about them on the radio and from signs ate the places I've visited since Emperor Polis decide to shut down the whole freakin' state.

My SLW has a cold, so she went to the clinic yesterday to get checked out. Based on her symptoms, the Doctor said "It's a cold. You'll be fine", so she came back home and has decided to "self quarantine" for two weeks.

Uh-huh.......Don't know who she's trying to protect, but if it makes her feel "better" know the rest.....

And I crossed a million total page views sometime last night. Took a little over 11 years, and some of you get that many hits in a month or two.

Back to the basement. Got some parts in the mail for the "Bonneville Car", so off to install them.

Be safe!


  1. Had an assignment today in the SW corner of Loveland. Very light traffic.Most of the places in Greeley are closed. Went in to the Fed Ex office to finish off my assignment by sending documents. The employees were just short of wearing hazmat suits. The 6' spacing tapes were everywhere. Upside, I was one of two customers and was out of there in five minutes.

  2. Congrats on the pageview mark! And yeah, I'm really beginning to wonder (based on a lot of reports and commentaries I see) whether there's actually a reason why everything has to be shut down.

    1. I can't answer that. I can understand locking down the metro areas of The Big Cities to try and keep it bottled up, but geez louise...ALL of Colorado?

      I hope the loonie lefties are enjoying a dry-run of a socialist state. All we need now is "May I see your papers, please", which is actually in effect in some places I've heard.....


    Just in case you didn't see.

    1. One of my Sea Launch shipmates just posted that on FarceBook.

      Really sad to see the ships leave Long Beach, and now I hear the port of Long Beach/Los Angeles is thinking of putting some kind of medical facility at the old Sea Launch Homeport site because it's so isolated.

  4. Congrats on the "hits" and a successful recon.

    I tend to go out once a day on exactly that kind of mission. Sometimes I buy red wine.

    Be safe.

    1. Thank you, Parson.

      I went out again today at around 1600, and the traffic was slightly higher. I noticed more people wearing masks, but only one or two with gloves on, always along with a mask. The Target/CVS was empty, and I was joking with a couple of employees that I, as a customer, felt outnumbered, and they all got a good laugh. I asked about masks at the pharmacy, and they told me they cannot get any, as they're all being directed towards hospitals, clinics, and first responders.

      Sweet Little Wife was busy at her sewing table all day making nice cloth masks for the whole clan, and few extras.

      Wasn't that long ago that walking into certain places out here with a mask on would have likely gotten you well ventilated!

      Be safe, stay armed, and be ever vigilant.

  5. Replies
    1. Definitely nice to get out for an hour or so!

  6. has anyone else noticed the remarkable resemblance of Gubernator Polis, in his chin high pose, to Il Duce?


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