Monday, June 24, 2019

Back From The DVM.....

And it looks like Pebbles has a partial tear in her right rear Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), similar to what many athletes suffer during their careers.

We have no idea when or how she injured herself, but a good SWAG is she was chasing something in the backyard, and hit one of the divots or bare spots at full chat twisting her right rear leg enough to injure it.

So, since it appears to be a partial tear, the DVM has recommended we keep her on the gabapentin for pain, and prescribed her carprofen (an NSAID) to reduce the inflammation.

We take her back in two weeks for a follow-up to see how the treatment is working, but for now, he said to keep her on "Rest and Relaxation", and to clear the yard of rabbits and squirrels before we take her out, lest she pop into Attack Mode, and attempts Warp 9 trying to catch a critter.


  1. What out for those rabbits! I was dog sitting my kids old female lab mix who took after a rabbit. Later, I had to carry her up the stairs.

    1. After the great "Chase the Squirrel and Slam Into the Fence" episode she exercises a bit more restraint, and so do the squirrels, but rabbits really trip her trigger! She may have injured herself zigging and zagging across the backyard after one.

  2. Good thing pebbles isn't trying to recuperate at our place. We have so many desert critters always in the yard including rabbits, quail, antelope squirrels, black tailed jacks, road runners and occasionally deer and javelina.

    Glad that Pebbles is on the mend.

    1. So far all I've seen in Da Hood here have been rabbits, squirrels, and freaking Canadian Geese in the winter. I've heard we have raccoons in the area, and although we live very close to "Red Fox Meadows", I have yet to see a fox.

      She's great when we're out walking her. Local wildlife doesn't upset her until it get in the backyard, then whoo boy....fights on if she ever catches something!


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