Sunday, January 27, 2019

Crazy Winds and a Yummy Dinner

It's been rather windy here the last two days. I knew it was coming, so I dropped the vertical antenna down, and sure enough, Saturday morning the wind was howling.

We've been seeing sustained 35+MPH with gusts to 60, which is way more than enough to turn my $300 BuddiPole antenna into $10 worth of scrap aluminum and brass, so down it comes.

The temperature's been 40's/50's during the day, and teens at night, so we're roughly normal during the day and a few degrees cooler at night.

But we're woefully light on rain and snow this year. Hopefully we'll make some of it up during the Spring snows and rains.

And for dinner tonight we went to one of my favorite little places in Old Town, the HuHot Mongolian Grill. It's 90%+ what my favorite Mongolian Grill type place is, and it's close, so win-win!

Had my typical mostly beef bowl with some "MeSo Garlic" sauce, a couple of spoons of "Burn Your Village Down" mild-hot sauce, and a spoon of "Kung Pow.....YOW!" sauce to spice it up a bit. HINT: Make sure ALL you get in the ladle is the red tinted oil. DO NOT get any of the little seeds in it or you might regret it!

Lots of water chestnuts, bean sprouts, some carrot, and green beans rounded it out, and made for quite a savory meal.

And it's 2130 here, and the wind is still howling.....


  1. Denver Stock Show Weather. Happens most years.

  2. Heh... seeds will hurt you TWICE! Input and output... No fried egg on top?

    1. I've never had "Mongolian" BBQ with an egg on it, because the places I've gone to never offered it.

      But a properly done fried egg might be nice....


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