Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bits 'O This and That

Got the little speaker boxes glued together. Now I have to sand them, coat them with some 'bed liner' type stuff, put the foam in them, wire up the crossovers, yadda, yadda, yadda....

Probably would have been a whole lot easier to just get ready-made speakers, but I've never built a speaker before and thought it might be interesting.

And I bought new magnifying lamp for the workbench. This one has a bigger lens, 4 brightness levels, and 4 presets for color temperature selection. The other lamp is now clamped on the bench where the speaker and Commodore projects are currently residing. I'm trying to find a replacement fluorescent tube for it, as it's a good little lamp, but the tube is fading.


And I finally got around to gluing the busted coil back together for the Multiplex Board on the  Heathkit AR-15. Took a bit to figure out how to "fixture" it together so it would be stable while the glue dried. I ran a length of #18 tinned copper "Bus Wire" through the form and the tuning slug, and then clamped it in one of my little thingamabob holders. Worked like a champ, and after the glue on the one side had dried I can flip it 180* and glue the other side. Then I have to tin and solder the #40 wire from the winding back on to the correct lug. I'm just lucky this was a coil, and not a transformer with multiple windings, like an I.F. Transformer.


  1. Real speakers! Custom, to boot. That's a blast from the past and a good one with it. Blast away.

  2. Considering what a decent pair of ready-mades cost, and what I've got in these, my labor is working out to about $.15/hr!

  3. LOL, and the neighbors will start complaining in three...two... :-)

    1. Hey, I've only got 75 Watts/channel, and the whole shebang is in the basement.

      If the neighbors are complaining, then the wife must be really pi$$ed!


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