Monday, April 10, 2017

Grandbaby Update....

Little guy is over FOUR pounds now, growing like a weed, and can finally wear some of the clothing everybody has been sending to his parents.

He's out of his "isolette" and into a regular crib, and is using his pacifier when he's not wolfing down food.

Say "Hi!" to the nice people, Noah....


  1. We had a granddaughter born with a low birth weight four years ago. Today you couldn't guess that had been the case. It's amazing what science can do today in terms of care and so forth.

    Bravo Zulu, Noah!!

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    1. My stepson, his Daddy, is a weightlifter. He's already bought some little teen-tiny "Baby Barbells" so Noah can continue to get big and strong.

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    1. MY wife saw the shirt at his baby shower, but she can't remember who got it.

      It's a good one, though!

  4. Fantastic news! Congratulations and God bless you all. :-)

  5. Wonderful news! Good to see him progressing so well.

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    1. Anxious to get back there in May, and bugging the snot out of me to "Get rid of all that junk so we can sell the house"....

  7. Glad to hear the little fella is continuing to improve...handsome lad too!


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