Thursday, March 2, 2017

Uh OH! The Grandbaby Is Coming Early!

About 65 days early, and it's happening RIGHT NOW!

More to come..........

Possible baby in distress, as they just started a C-section.....

ANNNNND.....It's a BOY!

Which we've known was coming for months, but were requested to keep mum about.

No word on anything else yet, but judging from my stepson's text messages, everything is OK.

Official word is "Mother and baby doing fine", but the poor little guy is only 2.2 pounds...........that's worrisome.

2.2 pounds and 12" long. He'll be in the Baby ICU for a few weeks until his little lungs are strong enough to fully cope with life on their own.

Mother and child are doing fine, considering the circumstances.


  1. This is OUTSTANDING NEWS. I had a granddaughter born in that weight range and everything turned out very well. She's now 4 and the apple of my eye.

  2. Prayers for the little guy.

  3. Hang in there! Our youngest arrived four months early, and weighed in at 26 ounces. Fifteen years later, he's nearly six foot and is a husky lad. :-) Love and lots of skin-to-skin contact will work wonders. :-)

    1. His Mom and Dad have been allowed to hold him regularly, and Grandma #1 got to hold him today. My wife (grandma #2) is flying out Friday morning to meet him for the first time. I'll get to meet him around the end of May when we're both going out there to see him and house hunt.


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