Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wife Headed Home

After a short stay for the baby shower in Fort Collins, she's on her flight, in the air, and headed back to LAX.

She should be here around 1600, so I'll get to the terminal parking area around 1530, see what gate she's arriving at, and go plunk myself down near the gate and wait.

Would have greatly preferred to have her return via LGB, but when you book your flight 12~14 hours before departure, AND you're trying to get a good price, you can't be too picky!


  1. Oh, groan - LAX. Yes, LGB is about 5,000% easier.

    I usually park at the In-N-Out Burger joint near the entrance of LAX, get a double-double and wait for the airplane to land. Then I swoop in and pick up the party curbside. It's a winning strategy.

  2. I'll remember that next time.

    I'm just leaving now, so I'll grab a parking spot in the parking structure, and wait at the gate for her....

  3. Safe trip to her. Hope you both have a blessed week.

  4. I'm sure you're glad she's back - and that the move to Colorado will be so much easier, with yon grandbaby to grease the skids. (And no, that's not a diaper joke. Heh)


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