Sunday, January 22, 2017

Welcome to "Lake Long Beach"!

Just a bit of water in the back yard....

Even though we make sure the dog always has a bowl of fresh water in the backyard, I don't think she needs it today, and wouldn't want to wade out there to get to it...

The brick border is actually TWO bricks high....

If you know how big a DogLoo is, this will give you an idea how deep the water on the patio is...

Or if you don't know how big a DogLoo is, here's a standard size cooler-on-wheels...

View from the porch steps...

Nope, not doing any laundry today...


  1. Thanks!

    We're expecting another inch or two, so I know I'm going to be clearing waterlogged boxes out of the garage!

  2. That's grim if it encroaches into your garage. I hope that all of your moving boxes aren't there at ground level.

  3. We haven't bought any moving boxes yet, and all of the "recycled" boxes I use for shipping eBay stuff are up well of the floor.

    It'll be almost exclusively boxes of random "stuff" located near the big door that will get soaked. The garage floor has a pitch to it to keep water from going back more than a foot or two when it's even deeper than this, so it's going to be a big nuisance, but hopefully no significant damage.

  4. I'm glad you're taking it so well; may nothing important get wet.

    1. Well, if I would have had my "'A' Game" plan in effect, I would have bought one of those tube shaped "water blocker" things they sell, and anchored it in front of the big door with a few cinder blocks.

      Hindsight is always 20/20!

  5. Forgot to add that the water has already gone down a couple of inches. The patio is now (mostly) uncovered, and the water has retreated from the big garage door.

  6. You do realize that hoarding rainwater is illegal in California, right? Just keep your head down and, well, your powder dry...

  7. Wow!!! Hopefully no flooding inside!!!

  8. The backyard was all drained out this morning, but there's one more storm coming in tonight, and then SUNSHINE for the next week.

    The wife said the garage had some water in it, but I haven't looked yet.....

  9. Wow, nobody needs that much water. I know you folks are having a bad drought, but this is too much of a good thing. We've been having tornadoes and big thunderstorms, and I guess the midwest is having snow storms. Makes winter a little too interesting.

  10. We ducked a bullet on this one.

    There was pretty much NO water in the garage. ONE cardboard box that has a "non penetrating roof mount" antenna base in it got wet about 1/2" up the side, and there were no signs of water anywhere else in the garage other than an inch or two of intrusion at one end of where the big door comes down.

    The water was 95% gone in the backyard by midmorning Monday, and although all the dirt is pretty much mud, there's no standing water anywhere, which really surprised me.

    We had only mild showers Sunday night, and nothing Monday or Monday night. The NWS says we're in for a week or more of clear weather, with nightly lows around 40* and mid 60's during the day.

    My wife was all freaked out about getting the garage dried out because of "mold", but since it really didn't have any water get into it, I'm not going to worry about "mold".


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