Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anybody Ever Leave Las Vegas Headed NORTH On A Sunday??

I know you sure don't want to head out SOUTH, back to L.A. on a Sunday!

The reason I'm asking is that registration for "Supras in Vegas 2017" just opened, and I went ahead and registered.

Since God willin' and the crick don't rise we'll be living in Fort Collins at that time, I'm planning my route from Fort Collins to Vegas.

Since it's 803 miles, I'm not going to do it in one shot! If I were 20 years younger, maybe, but driving through that terrain, at night, alone, is NOT something I relish doing anymore.

So far, I'm planning on overnighting in Green River, Utah, which is almost exactly half way between Fort Collins and Vegas.

I'll leave Fort Collins on Tuesday, and then roll into Vegas on Wednesday. The event starts Thursday, so I'll have Wednesday night to get a good night's sleep.

The event ends Saturday around 1700, and then we always have a "Mark II get together dinner" at one of the hotel/casinos about halfway back to the Excalibur from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

I'll roll out of Vegas Sunday, stop again in Green River, and should get back to Fort Collins on Monday.

Hopefully the traffic headed NORTH out of Vegas won't be nearly as bad as that insane crawl back to L.A. would be on a Sunday afternoon.

I'll have to ask some of the regulars to the event if they've ever gone North on a Sunday.....


  1. There's not much in Green River. There is a little Mexican hole-in-the-wall joint that makes a DYNAMITE breakfast.

    I think that you're safer traffic wise leaving Vegas on Sunday headed north than south - BUT I would still plan to leave early.

    1. The Comfort Inn looks like the best deal. There's cheaper places, but they didn't get very good reviews. I don't need all the stuff like free WiFi, just a CLEAN room and bed.

  2. I've made the trip both ways several times. Never had a traffic problem once clear of Vegas. The Virgin River Canyon is interesting. Lots of miles of miles. Going from Ft Collins, Beaver UT would be a good RON. Vegas to Ft Collins Grand Junction would be a good RON.

    Utah drivers on I-25 can be bat shit crazy.

    1. Yeah, the speed limit on that stretch of the road is like 80MPH. The last time I drove it, I had the cruise control in the Jeep set for the speed limit, and people were blowing by us!

      Grand Junction is nice, but the rooms are twice as expensive as in Green River.

  3. Replies
    1. I know it'll be fun once I'm at the meet in Vegas, but I'm not sure how the Supra will like going through the mountains.

      Guess I'll find out when we move there!

  4. How come you get to make all these fun trips and I never go anywhere? I'm going to get motivated and at least go to Tybee Island to the beach if you keep this up.

  5. Hah!

    It's the only time all year I get out of the house by myself.


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