Sunday, January 29, 2017

Headed Out.....

It's 78 degrees, the sun is shining, and I'm wearing one of my Celica Supra T-shirts.

I just cleaned the windows, and she's idling in the driveway to warm up a bit.

Time to hit the road, shake out any rain water still in her, and blow some cobwebs out of the brain.

Just got back with all the carbon blown out of the engine, and all the cobwebs blown out of the head.

Put about 60 miles on the car, and found it it has a water leak, probably the sunroof, that got the passenger seat and all the junk I had sitting on it, pretty wet.

SO.....I'll be leaving the windows down during the day for the next few days.

And I'll put a tarp over it so the rain won't go where it's not supposed to!


  1. That sounds good. It's snowing here and bitterly cold.

  2. I'm bracing myself for that when we move to Colorado! I want a garage that's had the living daylights insulated out of it, with a good gas heater so I can do some work on the car for the months that I can't drive it!

  3. The heated garage is worth its weight in platinum, Jim. You can trust me on this.

    1. Oh, yeah!

      I learned that from my friends who had nice garages back in Illinois. The attached garage on out house was only a "one car", and it wasn't insulated, let alone heated.

      Any ice or slop that fell off your car in there pretty much stayed there in one piece until you shoveled it out!

  4. How was your "Sunday drive"?

    I always say Florida is opposite of the rest of the country. Here, you'll want to air condition your garage, so you can work on your car/boat/motorcycles/whatever in comfort.

  5. Had a ball blasting around, thanks.


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