Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RAIN! And not just some sprinkles....

We received .64" of rain last night, remnants of the hurricane down in the Baja region.

It was coming down so hard that it woke me up about 0230, and the rain gauge showed about .25" at that time, so it must have continued for quite some time.

The future daughter-in-law from Fort Collins was in town this week, so she came over yesterday and we all went out for dinner to a local Greek restaurant.

She said real estate is still "hot" out there, but I guess a "hot market" has different definitions between Fort Collins and L.A.

She looked at the properties I had in my "saved" folder on the real estate websites I use, and said they were all within a 15 minute drive from where they live, and suggested I open up my search parameters a bit to include some areas I thought were too far.

*I* don't mind driving, but my wife does. She absolutely hates driving on the freeways here, and will spend an extra 30~45 minutes using surface streets vs the freeway to go to certain places.

I'm not sure how she'll do in the Fort Collins area. The freeways/Interstates seemed wide-open to me, even when the locals were commenting that the traffic seemed heavy, and the secondary/"County" roads reminded me of driving on similar roads back in Illinois. My wife is not used to driving for 5 miles without a side street or street signs to guide her, and her nav skills are pretty poor.

Guess I'll just have to keep that 7" color screen Magellan Road Mate updated, and get a decent mount for it for her car!


  1. If it's a good Greek restaurant, plz. e-mail the name to me.

    I think that you'll like Ft. Collins. Nice spot.

    1. Yeah, every time we've been there so far we've felt very comfortable.

      Just hope wherever we land is far enough away from WWV that my receiver won't overload!

  2. Congrats on the rain - I know how desperately it's needed, there.

    1. Unfortunately it's literally less than a drop in the bucket!

      We'd need rain like that that, once a week, for at least 5 years to make any difference.

      Still, it'll help green up the backyard a bit.

  3. I saw that rain on the news tonight. At least it's a step in the right direction.

    1. It actually broke records.

      The "rainy season" officially starts July 1st here, and we rarely see any rain until much later in the year.

      So far we have well over 1", unheard of for this time of year.

  4. Meh, I could have sent you a few INCHES from Hawaii... Three straight days of rain, at one point Nimitz Blvd was running 3 inches deep in water...

  5. Thanks for the thought, but it might be a bit hard to box it up and send it here!

    And the Peoples Demokratik Republik of Kaliforniastan would probably classify it as an "Agricultural Product" and quarantine it for so long it would evaporate....

  6. Your wife will see night and day difference driving in Ft Collins compared to southern Cal.

    1. I immediately noticed several things about driving there.

      There was much less traffic

      The drivers were more civil

      The sides of the roads are CLEAN!

      I'm sure once we get there she'll be more comfortable driving longer distances. The issues she has out here are related to the traffic on the freeways; she doesn't like being "crowded" when all the traffic around her is doing 70MPH.


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