Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another "eBay Sunday" in Progress

Still doing my "Shack Cleaning and Clearing" exercise in hopes of getting rid of some of the stuff I have that's never really going to see much, if any, use.

Last week only two of the four items I listed sold, and by the time you subtract the eBay seller's fees, and the PayPal fees for accepting the payments, AND the fact that shipping has gone up quite a bit (inflation? BigGov says "We don't gots no steeeenking inflation!"), I wound up LOSING about $12 on the two items.

Oh, well, I know they went to good homes, where they'll be used. I absolutely hate throwing out a perfectly serviceable item just because I have no use for it, so that takes some of the sting out of it, but I'm definitely going to have to adjust my flat-rate shipping to reflect the current reality.

Today I'll be listing a like-new-in-box ICom HT that I've never used, along with an older Heathkit electronic keyer, and some other obscure items of arcane electronic origins.

I'm charging/cycling the two battery packs I have for my Yaesu VX-6 that I bought some years ago, and rarely used. I'm going to dig through the garage this week to find the boxes and manuals for it. Having the original box can make a huge price difference when you list an item on eBay (I've seen 99% identical items go for a 30% price difference if the original boxes were included), and since I never throw away the original boxes, I should be in good shape.
Once I find them....

In that Black Hole that our garage has become....


I'm going to keep my Kenwood TH-D72, but with the rise of $50 "throwaway" walkie-talkies, I'm not sure I can justify keeping a couple of $300 units just laying around.

The ICom I really want to sell, but if the little Yaesu unit doesn't go for at least $200, I'll just keep it. It's in a solid metal case, and is rated as "Submersible", and seeing as it's pretty small, would probably be a good back-up unit.


  1. Hey, my garage resembles that remark!

  2. yuk-yuk!

    It's gotten better since "The Kids" moved out. When they were here, I'd get a good chunk cleaned up and organized so I could use the rest of it as a shop, and BAM! Cluttered up with shit all over the place again.

    And they wouldn't stack things nicely, they'd just walk in the garage, see an open area, and dump them!

    Got me royally PO'd a couple of times. that they've been gone almost three years, my wife has taken over their function. She constantly gripes about all "my" stuff taking up space, but "her" stuff has always had at least half the space!

    We got her stuff all cleaned up and organized, and that's when the kids started using it for a dumping ground.

    Seems like I can't ever get ahead of the game.......

  3. I have an Amazon sellers account. I am selling my books because we may move to Florida in a few years and my wife would just give them to the library. I lose money almost every time, because I intentionally priced them low so more people could afford them. When somebody buys a book, I try to put one or two extras in the package on the same subject, with a little note saying "enjoy."
    People are funny though. I sent two extra books to a fellow once and he emailed me a snotty message that one of the books I gave him for free had a tear in the book cover . Then he wrote me a bad rating for it. I'll never understand people.

  4. Good on you, Harry!

    Read the book, learn from it, and pass it on.

    I can't believe the guy griped about minor damage on a FREE item?!?

    What a maroon.....

  5. Yep, dang hard to make an honest dollar these days...


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