Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Identify This Old Hot Rod

This is from my friend The Wandering Minstrel's blog.

I know I've seen those lines before, but I can't place it.

Plymouth? FoMoCo?

And I'm no expert in prewar cars, either!

Oh....and I'm working up a post on the new season of "Wheeler Dealers".

I used to really love the show, and the interaction between Mike and Edd, but this season they're really pushing things, and I hope it doesn't backfire on them.

Just because you have a popular show in the EU, and the US, don't expect to move your shop and production company here to the US and expect things to stay the same.

The changes they've made might just drive away their core audience.....


  1. '37 Studebaker.
    At first I thought it was a 39' Chevy but the headlights are wrong. I had to cheat and do a bit of Google image searching.
    My old man would have been able to tell you what it was just by getting a glimpse going by at 70 mph but those are way before my time.
    You can double check with your own image search but the grille and headlights match and so does that back quarter window.

  2. Studebaker got his start in the gold-fields of Placerville, making and selling wheelbarrows!
    I never saw the show until this month when I got cable-TV, it's OK but the fat smiling guy is a bit annoying, and the mechanic with the white-streak hair-do is a bit patronizing. But at least it's at my mechanical level!

  3. I've watched WD since I first found them, and they've come a lot way.

    Yeah, Mike can be a bit of a con man, but you should have seen Edd in the early shows. He was scared of his own shadow!

    I take issue with what they say they've done. They just recently did an old Ford F1 pickup with a flat head head.

    They changed the heads, intake manifold, and carb on it, and cleaned and painted the block.

    They then said that was an "overhaul".


    They made no mention of having the valves ground, or even pulling the pan to check the bearing clearances. They didn't say anything about honing the cylinders and replacing the rings.

    Swapping a set of heads, intake, and carb is NOT an "overhaul"!

    They done other things like this before, like surfacing a set of brake rotors and putting in new pads, and saying they "completely rebuilt the brakes"....NOT!

    Same calipers, hoses, and for all I know fluid in the system, although they usually show Edd bleeding the system after work like that.


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