Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things To Do When You Don't Have Anything To Do

Or, "How To Keep Busy".

Since they've shut down half the lights in the building I work in, and turned off the air conditioning, the place rapidly turned in to a dark, dank, humid sweatbox.

After all of us complained by repeatedly email-bombing the facilities people and upper management, they brought in some portable air conditioning units, plumbed their hot air exhausts into the ceiling air return ducts, and hot-wired the air handlers to run independently of the rest of the A/C systems so the hot air exhausted by the portable units would at least get pulled out of the building.

The portable units are pretty humorous looking, and requiring emptying the 5-gallon water catch can daily, but they keep the office comfortable.

SO......what do a bunch of Engineering Geeks with way too much "free" time on their hands do with one of these funny looking boxes?

Float a ball in the airstream of the outlet, of course!

We've got 5 of these units in our office area, and each one has a different colored ball floating in its cold air outlet, but this one happens to be by my desk.

BTW....the bookcase full of binders is a small part of the documentation required for a single launch.

My first manager used to joke that a rocket wasn't ready for launch until the stack of paperwork exceeded the height of the launch vehicle.


  1. Floating the balls is too funny. It reminds me of some of the things we used to do as young engineers to entertain ourselves back in the old days.


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