Sunday, August 10, 2014

50 years of "Doctor Who" Themes

Thanks to the BBC, us whovians can now watch all the iterations of our favorite them music

Presented in two parts, just click where indicated in the video.

It's very interesting to watch how the title morphed over the years, as well as seeing all our beloved Doctors.


  1. Makes this old Whovian very happy indeed. :)

  2. Actually I don't think I've ever watched an episode... :-)

  3. Delia Derbyshire hated the evolution of the theme song. For those interested in electronica, there's quite a bit of historical material on YouTube. Here's Part 1 of 7 about Delia, not so much about Dr. Who. But look around for stuff about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

    I think the one I was hoping to link to was called "The Alchemists of Sound", which has been removed from YouTube via takedown by the BBC. Possibly, it's watchable at the BBC web site. Or not -- there are so many results on a YouTube search that I could spend hours looking through them to find that one specific video talking about the history of the theme, and some of it's evolution.

    It's unfortunate that Delia was so opposed to the use of synthesizers. Considering what she did with mostly oscillators and tape loops, I wonder what would've happened, had she gotten a hold of a Fairlight. Well, maybe not, as she was quite avant-garde in her compositions. Nonetheless, I wonder what would've come out.

    1. Thanks for the link!

      I did quite a bit of that stuff in high-school with my trusty Sony TC-630, and some test equipment I had for my Amateur radio station.

      I knew I wasn't alone, but I'd never heard of Doctor Who, although I did listen to BBC quite a bit on shortwave.

    2. Well, you wouldn't hear Dr. Who on shortwave. I suppose that was mostly news, and maybe some radio dramas?

      I never did own a reel-to-reel. Would be fun to play around with one though. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop had this monster deck -- wish I could think of what it was called. These days, you can recreate all that stuff on a PC, but I wonder whether it'd be as much fun.

    3. Probably a big Ampex deck with 10-1/2" reels.

      Had one of those in College, and just recently got rid of it. It was working perfectly, but simply too big to squeeze into the Radio Room here at the house.

      IIRC, The Beeb was mostly news and talk, with a bit of music here and there. Don't recall hearing any radio dramas, but then I didn't listen to it a lot, as I was usually on 7MHz, LSB!


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