Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Big SIX THREE Today!

30 didn't bother me

40 didn't bother me

50 didn't bother me

BUT....when I hit 60, I realized I wasn't a kid any more, and some changes would have to be made!

Well, Mother Nature took care of that last year, first with a MRSA infection, and then my cardiac incident requiring three stents to fix.

Still have some weight to lose (I can drive by an In-N-Out and gain 5 pounds), but I've been getting more active since the first of the year with things like walking the dog nightly, doing yard work (we fired the yard service and I bought a small electric mower), volunteering on the Iowa, and scrambling around working on the Supra.

I know my limits, and when I first started getting more active, I had to stick to about a "50% duty cycle", of 15 minutes yard work followed by a 15 minute break.

Now I can do about 30~40 minutes, and only need a 5 minute break to drink some cold water.

After either this Thursday's or Friday's layoff, I'll have LOTS of time to get my groove back, along with building up my stamina back to where I think it should be.

And the dog will probably lose a little weight, too!


  1. On behalf of Verna and myself, we wish you many happy returns!

  2. Good! A positive attitude is 95% of it!!! And happy birthday too!

  3. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Thursday will be "Axe Day" at Sea Launch, and it looks like there may be MORE than a 50% staff reduction.

    The Director for the Boeing division that handles this contract is coming down next week, and it's to renegotiate the contract Boeing has with Sea Launch that's in force until 2016.

    Apparently they want to try and weasel out of the $20 million termination clause, which leads us all to believe they're going to just close the place after the layoffs are completed, and they settle a few matters with Boeing.

  4. Happy Birthday, Doc!

    Many happy returns in a happy retirement.

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday Jim! Sixty three is a "pup". I rememember when Dad turned 93 and he said it felt just like 33 but now all the names in his "little black book" end in M.D.

    Hope you had a great one (and for the weight loss, check out the Quest protein bars at GNC (or amazon) 20 grams of protein, 17 or so grams of fiber, all natural, no added sugar, minimal or no chemical sweetener, about 15 flavors (my favorite- the chocolate peanut butter, apple pie and cashew coconut). Less than 200 calories. I eat one for lunch or dinner if I need to lose a pound or two and they're VERY filling (nuke them for 15 seconds and they're even better)

    1. Thanks, Brigid.

      I'll look into those bars, they sound really good.

      BTW....my wife loves the "Book of Barkley", and the way that you write.

      Maybe a HOTR Cookbook next?


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