Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busy Day, Again!

Spent all day on the IOWA, for an orientation class, which was extremely well done, and then a couple of hours in Radio Central making contacts for our Armed Forces Day event.

We're encouraging everyone we meet to write a little Military Service bio on their QSL cards, covering either themselves, or close relatives.

Talked to one older gent who'd served on the IOWA back in the '50's, and he was extremely excited that we have regular Amateur Radio operations going on now.

Then I came home, played with the dog, and built a bookcase for my wife.

My son is coming over Sunday morning to see the Supra, and give me a hand moving some things around.

Gee.....2047 local time, and I'm ready for bed. I remember when this was the time I'd be getting ready to go out prowling the streets with my '73 Trans Am!


  1. 21 we're not... sigh... Glad you had a good day on the ship though!

  2. "Every Blade of Grass" has been included in Sites To See #371. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  3. I am usually asleep at the time I'd have been headed out in the Cuda. But then again, I didn't have to get up to go to work at 4:30 in those days either.


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