Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy, Busy!

Besides being busy helping to support the next launch, been putting a big dent in the Honey Dew list.

We bought a new air conditioner for the living room, and after my wife's #1 son helped me install it, I noticed the plug was the "T-Slot" type. Well, it needs a "20 Amp" receptacle, I thought, so I went to the Cheapo Depot, bought one, and swapped it out. ALL the breakers to our 120 Volt outlets are 20 Amp, so changing it was no big deal.

I went to plug the new A/C unit in, and WTF???? The "Tee" was wrong, and wouldn't fit the new outlet!

Then I looked at the GFI that's built into the plug, and realized she'd bought a 240 Volt unit! Then I looked at the part number I gave her, and realized I'D given her the wrong model number to buy!


Luckily her BFF's son-in-law is an electrician, so for $70 worth of parts, and $160 in labor, he came over with his dad Wednesday night after his normal shift, installed a new outlet, ran new cable, and put a new breaker in our Service Entrance box.

It cools much better than the 10 year old 120 Volt unit we had, and as a bonus, the lights don't dim when it kicks in.

ANYWAY....then I had to spackle the one hole he had to drill behind the baseboard so he could run the cable, nail the baseboard back on.


  1. Nice recovery, and well done. Enjoy!

  2. Yeah, I hadn't budgeted the $230 for a new outlet, but since my wife's BFF is the Minister who married us, I think maybe He might have had a hand in the solution!

    Forgot to tell you.....earlier this year there was a big event down at the Iowa. All the service branches were there, along with some other groups, and they were giving out copies of "The Soldier's Bible".

    It's pretty neat, a pocket-sized book with relevant Scripture and Gospels picked out specially for our soldiers.


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