Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Music

Really beat after all the running around I did all week at work.

So, while I'm gearing up to attack the Honey Dew list (I swear it gets bigger every day!), and checking my email, I've been listening to this.

I don't care for the man's politics, but he sure can perform.....


  1. I like The Police. Sting, not so much. And you mostly have to ignore politics with anything in the entertainment industry these days. Not so much in Country Music I suppose, but in the word of "Rock" (what a meaningless term that's become) it's hard to name a performer who isn't left wing. The Nuge, Rush, Muse ... get away from the mainstream, and there's Poker Face and Hogjaw. I'm sure there are more, but you have to think on it to come up with them.

    Rush: Beneath Between Behind
    Hogjaw: Gitsum

    There. That'll drive the Englishman in New York from your head! :-)


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