Friday, March 28, 2014


Whew....just had a good one roll through here!

Pretty good vertical shaking, followed by some rolling motion, and what felt like an aftershock a minute or so later.

Can't get to the USGS site, so I don't know how big it was.....

5.3 out by San Bernardino

Lowered to 5.1, and centered near La Habra.

Read more here at the Press Telegram.....


  1. Rockin and rollin... Stay safe!!!

  2. Ah, heck. We miss all the fun.

  3. I hope your family and home are ok.

  4. Thanks, Rick.

    Everything's OK here, but we haven't had a shaker in quite a while, so it caught us all by surprise.

    Over the last several weeks I've been cleaning and reorganizing the garage so I'll be able to put my "Project Car" in there, and at least I now have all the earthquake supplies sorted and in one area.

    I also bought another 24" wrecking bar from Harbor Freight that I'm keeping in the house in case I need it to get into the garage.


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