Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Official.....I'm NOT going On This Launch

Well, my Doctor agrees with me. On the basis of the recent lab tests I had, and my description of the medical facilities we have at sea, and the time it would take to get me to a hospital, he has advised me to sit this one out.

My Triglycerides are way up since my last lab tests, and we're both wondering why. I gained back 6 of the 15 pounds I'd lost. so now I'm going to start keeping a log, and counting calories. My wife has an app on her smartphone called "Lose it", and I'll be installing that tonight.

Other than that, I'm OK......


  1. Well, that's the shits.
    Maybe the weather will get nice and you can work on your car.

  2. I hate when the weight starts climbing up, with no apparent explanation - but it happens. Just keep doing the right things, and it'll behave itself. My cholesterol didn't drop as much as the doctor wanted, but it's in the "okay" range, so I'm happy.

    Good luck, and keep on keeping on!

  3. Dummy me, I forgot to get a "Release from Sea Duty" letter or whatever it's called when I was there.

    Everybody at work says to do what the Doctor says, but our outsourced HR person wants a "letter for my file", and she requested it by Thursday.


    The last time I needed something like this, it took THREE WEEKS to get it.

    I left a message with my Doctor's Nurse Practitioner requesting he either call me, or just write a simple "Jim can't spend three weeks bouncing around on the ocean" type of letter.

  4. Having the weight yo-yo really sucks, but hang in there - like they tell me, it took months to gain all that, it ain't gonna drop off all at once.

  5. Sorry to hear that, Jim. I know you were looking forward to it.

    1. Well, I was, and I wasn't.

      It would have been my last one where I actually was there, but then I just had this "dread" of going. It's pretty grueling out there getting things set up, and then tron down after the launch, and you easily get sleep deprived. One of the things I definitely WON'T miss is having to get up at 0200 or 033 to release a weather balloon, and then trying to get back to sleep. And the cheap bastards that run the place will NOT pay overtime for that. They want you to "flex" your hours so you only have 8 on your time sheet.

      It's bad enough we're gone for 21 days, with absolute MINIMUM OT allowed, and a crappy sea pay policy, but then to pull this shit on us just makes it all the more difficult to do the job.


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