Saturday, March 1, 2014


And lots of it.

Haven't been on the PC much, as I *finally* got the new one I built a while back online as my daily driver, and had to transfer a ton of data from the old one to this one, and then verify everything transferred over correctly.

But holy smokes has it been raining here! We've gotten almost 3" of rain in the last couple of days, and it's pouring again.

The backyard looked like a swamp this morning, but it had pretty much drained out by 10am, but it's filling up again.

The first winter I lived here we got several inches in about 48 hours, and the "drainage" we have couldn't cope with it, and I was seriously considering heading out the Harbor Freight to get a pump. Hasn't been nearly as bad this year, and this last major line of rain should be through here tonight, and the showers will be tapering off through Sunday morning and afternoon.

Pebbles (the dog) heard her first thunder this afternoon, and jumped out of her bed running around to see what made the noise. The next boomer that rolled through startled her pretty good, so I calmed her down, and now she seems used to it.

Hope she'll be OK on July 4th......


  1. I'm glad there's rain in your neck of woods, as long as you're not in any danger from mudslides.

  2. It's pretty flat where we live, so no mudslides.

    Friday morning I had to detour some flooded streets, and got soaked at work going between buildings, but other than that, this storm hasn't been too bad.

  3. Y'all AND the farmers out there need a bunch...

  4. Total for the storm was 3.7", quite a bit for three days!

  5. Old NFO, they do need the rain but the farmers would be a lot better off if the politicians would just get out of the way.

  6. Donin, I understand, but it IS Kalifornia... sigh


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