Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chumlee Is NOT Dead

One my wife's and my 'guilty pleasures' is watching Pawn Stars.

Besides the interesting items they have brought in, the characters in the show are, well, characters.

Sure, it's staged like most "reality" TV shows, but it's fun to watch. wife came running into Radio Central saying she'd read that Chumlee had passed away from a heat attack.

A quick check of Wikipedia shows he's fine, and now the first hit for "Pawn Stars" on Google is a story where he's Tweeting that he's still with us.

This is "news", while they still can't find MH370.......


  1. ...had passed away from a heat attack." LOL, is it THAT hot out there?

  2. Wow. When I saw your title, I thought that you were talking about that walrus that hangs around with Tennessee Tuxedo. I was worried because I love those guys. Stop scaring me, darn it!

    1. Sorry, Murph!

      I never try and scare my friends on purpose.

  3. Chumlee even Tweeted about being alive


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