Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vahevala by Loggins and Messina

One of my favorite songs from days long gone....

I'm thinking about when I was a sailor
Spent my time on the open seas
When we'd stay off the coast of Jamaica
I'd secretly steal ashore
The natives were waiting for
The boy with the lazy soul
To sing with the sailor
Vahevala, homeless sailor
Vahevala, homeward sail away
Vahevala, homeless sailor
Vahevala, homeward sail away
Every evening I'd be gone
Back on board by break of dawn
I'm thinking about the nights in Jamaica
Pretty girls dancin' here and there
Stole a keg and now I'm drunk as a sailor
The captain he don't know
Where Billy he done go
But I'm singing with native girls
The songs of a sailor
Every night in Jamaica I'd sing with the lady
And drink with the men till the morning appear
Healthy sunshine is fresh on my face
As the songs of the night puts the ring in my ear


  1. One of my favorites, too - I have their first album on CD. ("Kenny Loggins w/ Jim Messina Sittin' In") That song is on it.

    1. The only album of theirs I ever had was the second one, with "Angry Eyes" on it.

  2. That reminds me...of me. Not the singing, I can't croak. The wayward sailor part.

  3. Vahevala, Angry Eyes, and one of my favorites is the top 40 hit, Your Momma Don't Dance...probably because I played sax at the time


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