Saturday, June 1, 2013

Don't Worry, I'm Doing Fine.....

I haven't posted on any of the blogs I regularly visit because I've been using my wife's PC.

And I'm too damn lazy to have to enter all that info on each blog I want to comment on.

Since The Kids moved out, she's been doing a major make-over on their room, and I pulled everything out of the middle bedroom I shared as a Radio Room/Weight Lift Room/Clothes Closet with her son and his girlfriend.

I helped her pull out all the plastic screw anchors, patch the holes, "Vee" out the cracks, and spackle the walls. She handled all the priming and painting, while I dragged *everything* left out of the middle bedroom.

Got some more IKEA crap so it would match the other IKEA crap I bought when I first moved in, and spent a couple of days moving little "scale model" pieces of paper around until I was happy with the new arrangement.

Then I put the "1:1 Scale" furniture in the room, and I'm slowly moving all the computer and radio stuff back in.

I'll have about three times the room I had before, and _might_ be able to move the "Electronics Repair Area" out of the breakfast nook in the kitchen, and into the new "Lab Area" along one wall of the room.

Still taking it easy, and I've been cleared to return to work on June 10.


  1. Good news! Glad to hear you are on the mend and getting back up to speed. Missed ya!

  2. That's good news on more than one front then! :-)

  3. Soon you'll be running like a new puppy....take care.

  4. +1 to Old NFO - hang in there!


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