Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where's Waldo?

I'm sure you know who I'm talking about....

In between working on the new driveway gate, I've been listening to my scanner seeing if I could hear anything about the whereabouts of Mr. Dorner.

The only obvious thing, besides the huge amount of air assets and boots on the ground, is that they don't have a freakin' clue where he is.

Somebody "thought" they "maybe heard a shot" come from the cabin that burned down, suggesting a suicide rather than burning to death, but until what's left of the cabin cools down, and they can get in there, it's just speculation.

And I find it somewhat amazing that this guy has reached Folk Hero status in just a couple of days.

But then that's usually the case with this newfangled "Social Media"......somebody pops up out of nowhere, gets a huge following, and then just fades away.

It'll be real interesting to see how this all plays out, and if, indeed, Mr. Dorner self-terminated rather than burn to death or surrender.......


Well, this is real interesting. It seems the SBSO deliberately set fire to the cabin, and then delayed allowing the USFS in there for about an hour.

There was radio traffic indicating they lobbed 7 "burner" (aka "smoke") grenades into the cabin.

Quotes from a  radio BB I get:

 What's interesting - the SBSO lieutenant called for "Burners" - then later said "We have 7 Burners deployed and fire to the front" -

 Interestingly, LAPD SWAT turned up close to the scene unannounced and unrequested and were advised by SBSO to redeploy and stage in Big Bear. An LAPD SWAT officer was overheard stating "Why can't we go to the BBQ!"

The Daily Breeze (and I'm sure other papers) have some audio of the radio traffic online.

So much for "Due Process", eh?


  1. Some time ago, someone (Western Rifle Shooters?) posted a quote from someone in a SWAT team that kind of stuck with me. He said (quote is probably messed up a little) that "you will not win. If we have to burn your whole block to the ground to get you, we will." This incident brings that quote to mind.

    And a day of jury duty two days ago makes me think just how "due process" is supposed to work. It doesn't involve "burners" or midnight SWAT raids.

    SiGraybeard @ work

  2. Yep, they 'lit him up' knowingly...


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