Thursday, February 14, 2013

Storage Food SALE!

Courtesy of Mr. Rawles' Survival Blog.

Safecastle and Ready Made Resources are both having 10%~25% off sales, with FREE shipping!

I just ordered some Mountain House stuff to add to our "Earthquake Kit".

If you can't stock up on Bullets, get some Beans while you can at lower prices.

Both of the vendors linked above also carry other items besides bulk food, so do a little looking around over there. I'd be curious how their prices match up to other sources.

I tried some of the Mountain House stuff I bought earlier this year, and it's quite good. Just follow the directions when you rehydrate and heat it, and you'll be surprised.

Even my wife enjoyed it, and she's a little picky about her food.

Sure beats eating MRE's every day!


  1. MREs + Tabasco is survivable... Barely... :-)

    1. And that is exactly the reason they put those teeny little bottles of Tabasco in each and everyone! Not that I will admit to having eaten an MRE or three................

    2. yuk-yuk!
      I've heard our troops in the field consider the bottles of Tabasco to be prime trading material!

  2. BTDT, but probably not as much as you have!

    I have a couple of cases of MRE's, but they'd only get used if I had to eat something RIGHT NOW. For daily eating, I'd rather go with the other stuff we have stored, like canned meat, canned veggies, or the freeze-dried stuff. Spending the time preparing the meal is important, too. If we ever in the situation where we have to subsist on our "stores", taking the time to prepare it properly could help ease some of the stress.

  3. Good points! And ANyTHING that takes stress away works!

  4. I've been using Mountain House foods since the mid-70s (backpacking in the Aleutian Islands), and it's always been good. We also bought some freeze-dried meals from Wise Food, and I'm debating whether open a couple just to taste-test.


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