Friday, February 8, 2013

Back Home to Rain

Got off the ship today about 1400, picked up my luggage, and was headed out the gate at 1430.

As far as the cause of the launch failure, has an excellent discussion at this thread.

The actual discussion of the launch problem starts here.

This site has NO affiliation with NASA, and is a privately run website that caters to all aspects of spaceflight.

And I don't mind the rain, as SoCal is a couple of inches below "normal" for this time of year, and we can really use it!


  1. I thought you might have been there. Sorry to hear about that. Glad you are home ok though!

  2. Glad you're back in town, Jim.

    Hope the rain stays over there - we got a parade here in Wickenburg AZ tomorrow and don't need rain on it!

  3. Glad to hear you're getting the needed moisture. Welcome ashore anyway!

  4. Oh well, can't win em all... And I 'love' the conjectures from people who weren't even there...

  5. Sorry to hear things didn't work out. Enjoy a little down time in the interim.

  6. Yeah, I have to whittle down my "Honey Do" list, including building a new wood front for the driveway gate we have.

    There's premade redwood "fence" panels available locally at the Home Depot and Lowe's that look exactly like what was used. They're bolted to a sturdy pipe frame that's properly installed, but I'll have to get three of them, cut them down a bit, treat them with Thompson's or something, and bolt them on the frame.

    The panels up there now are pretty sad looking, half rotted with the screws and nails pulling out, and I'll bet if somebody outside got our big dog pi$$ed off enough, she could charge right through them.


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