Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mini Blog Meet

I *finally* got to meet some of my fellow bloggers in person, and have lunch with them.

What a GREAT day it was.

Old_NFO had contacted me a week or so ago, and was curious if I was going to be in town this week.

Since I was, we proceeded to 'synchronize watches.......NOW!', and agreed to meet down the road at a P.F. Chang's that was located somewhat centrally to all parties involved.

He had arranged for LL and Opus #6 to meet us there, and so we say down to a nice lunch of Kung Pao chicken, Mongolian beef, and some shrimp dish.

I kind of quarantined myself off to the edge of the table as I'm still recovering from the damn cold/flu/whatever that I thought I'd gotten over when I was out on the last launch campaign.

Before, during, and after lunch we discussed many things, and it was great to finally meet some of the people I've met 'electronically' since I entered the blog-o-verse.

And speaking of the last launch, the company is saying they still want to remain in business, and is proceeding full-speed ahead with the Failure Review Boards.

They pretty much know what happened, but as to the path they'll take to ensure it doesn't happen again, I'm not sure.

The previous launch vehicle we lost (NSS-8) was determined to have a "piece of welding slag" (the dreaded "FOD Monster") in one of the liquid oxygen supply lines of the first stage, and when the slag broke loose, it jammed between the impeller and housing of the main turbopump, causing the pump to fail in a most spectacular manner, with the resulting loss of the vehicle and payload, and significant damage to the launch platform.

The results of that FRB were to require more rigorous inspection of the welds, and a better cleaning procedure to ensure no loose bits were floating around in the plumbing. This time around they have several different scenarios to figure out as to why the hydraulic pump spun down to zero RPM. Could be many things, and we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I've met a couple of bloggers as well. For me it's funny that they're never what I expected right at first but everything that I thought they would be after a few minutes.
    Glad you had a good time.

  2. Great to finally put a face and voice to the blog! :-) And hope you WILL continue to have a job!!!

  3. Always fun meeting cyber pals!

    I'm with Old NFO - hope you still have a job!

  4. @wc: I'd talked to Old_NFO on the phone a few times. He's the gent that clued me in how to sight-in my scope.
    He explained the process, along with a few other things I didn't know or think of, and the next time I put a new scope on, I was hitting where I wanted to in about 5 shots!

    @)old_NFO: Yes, it was really cool to meet you guys. I didn't know LL was a real live, genuine published author. I'm sure between the two of you there's material for at least another few books!
    And you're right, that waiter was ogling Opus like nobody's business! Definitely a very classy lady.

    @Jeffro: Sure is fun meeting like minded people. Ad I've been out of work before. Nothing new to me, and I've managed to survive. My little business was at "V1" right about the time these guys called me back, and I almost didn't go. BUT....the wife decided the 'stability' might be nice to have.

    We *might* have another launch in November, so at least I'll be home all summer. Be nice to get some range time with my son!

  5. I had a wonderful time at lunch. You were all such gentlemen. And knowledgeable. I have info in my brain now that was not there before, LOL!

  6. Awwww....shucks, ma'am....That's just the way my Mom and Dad raised me.

  7. Lunch was great. It's fun to meet with kindred blogging spirits and to put a face with a name. drjim was a great conversationalist. Its very satisfying to meet and spend time with a patriot.

  8. Old_NFO and LL were the "entertainment" and wisdom at the table.

    I was just listening!


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