Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 5 At Sea

Reporting from 10*13'N, 143*26'W, 19.2kts.

Had our second rehearsal today, the one where they throw all the faults, failures, and 'anomalies' at us.
We came through with flying colors, as usual.

We're supposed to catch up with the launch platform around 0300 or so, and then we'll steam along with them down to the launch site at a leisurely 11kts or so. We'll do all our systems checks using our line-of-site microwave links, and run the last rehearsal.

Then it's one day to set up, one day to launch, one day to tear down, and head for home.

Just hanging out in my cube tonight watching "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex".

Was going through a link a Ham buddy sent me, and I found a QSL card from the guy that taught me Morse Code oh so many years ago. Cel was quite a guy. He had served many years as a shipboard Radio Officer, and could talk to you, smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee, and carry on a conversation in CW at 20+ wpm on the radio.

Quite a guy........


  1. I haven't seen a QSL card in years. I believe I still have my childhood album I filled with cards while in high school somewhere in a steamer trunk. Have fun out there...

  2. How far from the actual launch do you guys get?

  3. We're stationed out at about 6000 meters.
    Far enough to be safe, but close enough that it rattles the ship we're on.

  4. As someone afflicted with the disease of DX'ing, I have boxes of cards. Plus eQSLs, and LoTW. Somewhere, I have my first QSO card, too, from 1976.

    Tragically geeky.


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