Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blah.....Just Blah.......

Approaching terminal job burn-out, I think......


  1. BTDT, just remember the OT pay is 'gravy'...

  2. Aye, there's the rub......

    They've severely restricted OT to the point it's causing problems with getting the work done. Oh, sure, they'll "allow" you to "flex" your time, but it you work two hours of OT, you can only take two hours of "flex" time. That's a money loser for all us grunts who try and get the work done, so nobody wants to do it.

    And they no longer pay us for Saturday/Sunday while we're out at-sea, unless, of course, you can get it approved as OT.

    And now they have *every* upcoming mission scheduled to leave on a Saturday, so they're effectively getting two days for "free" from us.

  3. Um... That is BS... If they want to play those games, it's time to hang it up!

  4. The *really* big deal was the at-sea pay differential. When they called us all back, they kept saying that it "hadn't been decided yet, but it's going to be about $200/day".

    WELL.....TWO DAYS before we went on the first mission, they formally announced it would be $85/day. Less than half what we had been (deliberately, we believe) told.

    People were stunned to the point that we didn't know what to do. Stay behind for a "personal emergency"? Refuse to go? On the way back from the first mission I heard plenty from the guys who go on the launch platform, and they were outraged.

    Several of them had asked for it in writing, but since it hadn't been "officially" decided, management said they couldn't give it to them in writing, and trusting that what they were told was "in good faith", they came back.

    The only people who are doing OK are those who decided to come back as contractors, and were able to negotiate everything in writing before they agreed to come back.

    It's a real shit sandwich, and we all took a big bite before we knew what was in it.


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