Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Day

Well, since it's raining, and supposed to keep up all day and tomorrow, I finally got started on the project I'm helping my radio buddy with.
I would have started last night, but I gave a presentation to my radio club on "The History of Coaxial Cables and Connectors". It was supposed to be about just connectors, but the more I got into it as I was writing it, the more I realized it was important to go into the details of the cable itself, and how it related to the various connectors used.
It was a rousing success, even though I didn't think it was up to my 'usual standards' of a presentation.
But then it was for my radio club, and not my job!
So far I've unsoldered the headers from an Arduino board and an LCD board, and cut a piece of perfboard to use for the "interface" to the Outside World.
Now I have to get out my Dremel and cut a slot in the plastic enclosure to pass the ribbon cable from the display to the Arduino, and drill a few holes for the "Select" push button, the contrast adjust pot, and the camera shutter release cable.
Then I'll just solder the parts together, snap the box together, program it, test it, and then hook it to my Nikon D200 to see if it works "As Advertised".
Pictures to follow.....


  1. That will be interesting to see :-)

  2. Is it possible, then, that you and I are the only folks left who know what the "RG" in RG-xx coax stands for? ;-)

    Nah. That's gotta be on Wikipedia or something.

  3. I always thought it meant "Radio GROUP", but then found some references to it meaning "Radio GUIDE".
    Oh, well......


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