Thursday, March 15, 2012

"First Responder" Class

GROAN.....I thought it was going to be my First Aid/CPR class, but it's not.
Since we store and use lots of Horrible, Nasty, Toxic stuff here, it's a HAZMAT First Responder class.

We have to be trained at the "FRO" level, so we're going over all the books and stuff about how to deal with spills and all the other things that go along with spilling Hazardous Material.

Believe me, if anybody spills any NTO or UDMH here, I'm heading UPWIND, and fast.

My head hurts.......


  1. Wow, I had my HAZWOPR 8 hour refresh class last week.

    Uh, yeah. Upwind for sure!

  2. Yeah, HAZWOPR, RCRA, CWA, CAA, and all the other courses they make us take.
    "Remember....Nothing But Rain Goes Down The Drain"!
    Spent 4 hours taking a stormwater class a few months ago.

    And the really "interesting" thing is that there are at least FOUR government agencies that all have different directives, rules, regulations, and all the other bullshit that goes along with a TOO FUCKING BIG government.

    And I'm sure some of the geniuses that write this stuff get paid far more than I do, and have far better pension plans.
    It's really disgusting.....

  3. Yeah, always loved the "In concentration between 2.5% and 95% in air, its vapors are flammable." part of Hydrazine! NOT!!! But, you CAN light a back yard grill in less that .2 sec by combining those two...

  4. And I remember stories of guys climbing around the early boosters using hypergols, SNIFFING to see if there were any leaks!
    Considering what that stuff can do to human tissue, I sure hope they were small leaks!


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