Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy, Busy!

Haven't posted much because I've been so flippin' BUSY lately.
Got really started on getting my TS-950SDX ready to sell, and since that will leave me without any 'Knob Twistin" radios, I decided to set my Hallicrafters Boat Anchor station up to "keep the bench warm".
The Hallicrafters station consists of an SX-117 receiver, an HT-44 transmitter, a PS-150 Power Supply/Speaker, and an Electro-Voice 664 "Buchanan Hammer" microphone.
I really have to get them on the work bench and go through them, but I brought them up slooooow on a variac, and they work OK for now, but with with gear made back in the mid 1960's, there's always things that could use a tweak or two.
Besides, the 950 is "in the hospital" right now, and I only have one "bed"!

And I started helping one of my friends bring an Arduino project from "kinda-sorta" works to "that's the way it SHOULD work", and that's taking me some time to get up to speed on. I've done some things with Basic Stamps, and PIC's, but the Arduino is new to me.

Today I spent all freakin' day at work doing on-line training, and tomorrow I'll spend all day doing my First Responder class.
Nest week I retake my Red Cross First Aid and CPR training again, and get my new cards. It's nice to have for those Really Bad Days At The Range, and I hope to God I never need it for that!


  1. I've done a lot of Arduino stuff. Even more with other varieties of the AVR. Feel free to lean on me if you have questions.

  2. It's really quite easy to use, at least as far as programming it.
    Writing the actual code is another matter!
    I'm not much of a "write it from scratch" programmer, but I'm good at debugging existing code.


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