Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Might Be An "Occupier" If.....

1. You moved to a tent in Zucotti Park because you always wanted a nicer place to live.

2. You quit your “job” to attend the protests, but your mother continues your allowance and now does the dishes herself.

3. You are confused that you can’t find the Wal-Mart on Wall Street.

4. You are enraged that the taxpayers had to bail out Wall Street even though you’ve
never paid taxes or know anyone who has.

5. You hate capitalism but expect a capitalist to provide you a good paying job with great benefits.

6. You think Socialism has something to do with Facebook, and Capitalism has to do with Washington , DC .

7. You demand a job, forgetting that you were fired for not doing the one you had.

8. You despise the rich even though they pay your share of taxes.

9. You are very clear in your protest objectives:

“Screw the USA ”
“Save the ______ (fill in the blanks – whales, spotted owls, sturgeon)”
“Self-realization is the first step toward self-actualization”
“Down with … uh… everything!”

10. You think 99 weeks of unemployment is the least the government should give you for the
3 months you put in at McDonalds.

11. You drove a Toyota to the protest, you’re plugged in to a Sony Walkman, talk over a Samsung phone, and play a Yamaha keyboard in a punk band, but you are incensed over jobs being outsourced to other countries.

12. You demand your rights, but can’t quite recall where they are enumerated.

13. You believe you have a right to every penny earned, but the rich do not, and you base your claim on equality.

14. You believe a man is greedy if he worked his way up to CEO on 16-hour days, runs a company employing thousands, and made $10 million last year, but is not greedy if he made $50 million last year for making two motion pictures or shooting a ball through a hoop.

15. You left behind trash, feces, urine-soaked sod, discarded clothing, and used condoms after your “Save the Environment” protest.

16. You know you’re not a Socialist because you stick pretty much to yourself at parties.

17. You don’t pay taxes, but somehow that’s more than your “fair share”.

18. You hate the rich, but hope you win the lottery.


  1. Excellent!

    Passing it on to all my friends.

  2. Kinder Thoughts and Remembrances.

    Let's think about this a moment...

    1. You moved to a tent in Zucotti Park because you have no home, not even a tent.

    2. You attend the protests in between the split shift of part-time, minimum wage, no benefits job that doesn’t allow you to keep body and soul together. Your allowance from your parents helps you buy pancake mix to have food.

    3. You don’t go to Wal-Mart to shop since can’t afford it.

    4. You are enraged that the taxpayers bailed out Wall Street because they don’t deserve a “free handout” any more than you would deserve a “free hand-out.” The taxes you have paid, and continue to pay, are going to fund bonus checks for ripping off taxpayers.

    5. You don’t mind capitalism but expect fair pay for a good day’s work. Benefits are also not a dirty word. Unions worked hard to give the common person a 40-hour work week, weekends, health care benefits.

    6. Whatever ism is thrown at you, it still is a Truism that a lot of capitalism does have something to do with Washington, D.C.

    7. You want a job where when you deserve a raise you are not fired instead so someone else can be paid cheaper with no added benefits such as sick leave or vacation.

    8. You don’t mind the rich, just feel their share of taxes is below the share you pay by percentage. They also can afford food and heat not food or heat.

    9. You’re a little behind in your rent because your child was sick and needed medications which since no health benefits, had to be paid in cash for both the doctor visit and the prescriptions. That 6.00 for medicines was very hard to find.

    10. You are very clear in your protest objectives:

    “This country is too valuable to let be taken over by people who are very greedy”

    11. You need unemployment because the job you used to do is now being done in another country and trying to find employment when 1000 apply for the same job means you have a 1 in a 1000 chance of getting a job. Even though you have a Master’s Degree in your field. You have to watch your family starve if there is no unemployment.

    12. Outsourcing jobs to other countries regardless of being in a band or not is a lot of the reason for no jobs in this country. It is not UnAmerican to want jobs to stay in this country----Our Country.

    13. Our rights are in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you haven’t figured that out, read them. Get Congress to read them. They might learn something.

    I could go on but this unfunny list is not really worth my time.

    Chances are you have never heard of Hossingen, Belgium; Camp O’Donnell, Phillipines; BonSon, Vietnam. There are veterans who fought like hell and died in all these places so that everyone in the United States was entitled to some measure of equal opportunity and freedom to make a better life.

    The type of cynicism underlying this despicable list denigrates for what this Country stands and for what those brave soldiers died to keep free.

    I will add, however,

    It is a shame that more don’t remember some very good advice given by a poor but good man in the world about 2000 years ago who made the statement

    “Whatever you do for the least of My brothers and sisters, you do for Me.”

    Obviously, from your list these words from 2000 years ago are no longer sufficient so We ask You, what words are sufficient in your mind in today’s world to supersede what a poor man over 2000 years ago had to say regarding the poor.

    Merry Christmas


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