Friday, December 9, 2011

World's Smallest V-12

This is astounding! I've built lots of things "From Scratch". but nothing like this.
My Dad was a Tool and Die maker, and I know my way around a machine shop, but this just blows me away.
I can't read Italian, but looking at the video, I could tell what the captions meant by seeing what part of the engine he was working on.
Amazing testament to one man's patience.

And here's another guy who makes RUNNING scale-model engines.


  1. Amazing. I wonder what its true power output would be, and did you notice he used no gaskets.

  2. Following this on a couple of other places, I believe it "runs" on compressed air.
    Notice there's no ignition system, no lubrication system, and no smoke out of the exhaust pipes.
    Beautiful work, though!
    Back in the late 70's early 80's there was a guy selling a kit of all the raw castings you needed to build a 1/8th scale small block Chevy. It required a lot of machining, and ran on model airplane fuel, but it ran, and put out a lot of power for it's size. "Hot Rod" or "Car Craft" had an article on it, and I came "this close" to buying one.

  3. Yeah, I took that it was running on compressed air as well. There also seemed to be no fuel or coolant system. I don't think his screws would stand the constant vibration of actual compression and ignition, either.

    However, that does not diminish the coolness factor one whit for moi!

  4. Yeah, the coolness factor is about 9+ on this one.
    Check out the other link about the ones that actually run!

  5. WOW, details are fantastic... and 1200+ hours?

  6. I would assume the guy is retired....:-)


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