Thursday, December 15, 2011

Decisions 2012

Well......I've been doing my best to vet the Republican candidates as far as who I'm going to support.
Like it matters who *I* support!
It's just something I do to help me decide who I think is most aligned with what I believe in.
I was pretty big on Herman Cain (thanks, wirecutter!), but then he had some baggage that came to light, and decided to withdraw.
I *almost* like Newt, but he's a bit too slick and flippy-floppy for me.
Yes, I know he's very smart, and a studied historian, but I don't think he _really_ supports the 2nd Amendment, and that's pretty important to me.
Romney?? Not in a million freakin' years!!
So, that kinds leaves either Rick Santorum, or Michele Bachmann.
I'm still carefully reading their campaign sites, and burning up Google, and haven't decided yet.
Just have to see how they do in the debates I can find them in.
One thing for sure, four more years of that IDIOT we currently have in the White House will just about do us in.
Keep your powder dry!


  1. What about Ron Paul? If you want someone who will actual work to give us a constitutional government he is the only option out of the current panel of candidates.

  2. Well, he might be a strict Constitutionalist, but I think his foreign policy is unrealistic.

  3. Not to mention Ron Paul's rabid Antisemitism.

  4. Yeah, that's pretty disturbing.
    Mark Levin has been blasting Paul lately because Paul is claiming he didn't know what was in his own newsletter.


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